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A Freight Forwarding Company's Crucial Role in International Business

by Administrator17. September 2014 15:54

 A Freight Forwarding Company's Crucial Role in International Business | The Dependable Companies

A freight forwarding company provides the important services necessary for conducting international import and export. These services may also be provided on a multi-national basis. The company does not move the freight, but it does act as the go-between for the primary client and the chosen transportation providers. International commerce often requires a variety of transportation methods and so there may be many different carriers by air, sea, and land. The freight forwarding service provider manages the coordination between all of those carriers, relieving the client from a task that can be overwhelming.

When working with a reputable freight forwarding company, clients are confident that their products can reach the appropriate destinations according to a set schedule and in good condition. Avoiding late fees, damaged merchandise, and disgruntled customers, the client depends upon the company to protect their business reputation. In addition to customer relationships, the freight forwarder also maintains good relations with the various carriers in order to negotiate competitive pricing and top quality service. There are many services that the forwarder provides that save the client a great deal of time and frustration. Without those services, the client would have to become familiar with many international procedures that might be frustrated by language and cultural barriers.

A freight forwarder works with carriers to determine the most cost effective routes as they consider a variety of bids, the speed of each carrier, and the reliability of each carrier. With several different options at their disposable, the forwarding company can offer their client with multiple estimates and recommendations. Once the client has settled on one of those options, they prepare their freight for shipping and turn the responsibility for transportation over the freight forwarding service provider.

There are some important benefits to working with a freight forwarding company. These include the fact that the company handles related services such as insurance documentation, customs requirements, and clearance. Another benefit is that the forwarder handles the bills of lading, international payment negotiation, and warehousing. Risk assessment, management of risks, and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) paperwork is also handled by the company.


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Why a Small LTL Company in CA Will Work Hard for Your Business

by Administrator15. September 2014 13:55

Why a Small LTL Company in CA Will Work Hard for Your Business | The Dependable Companies


Shipping is not only for large quantities of items. Sometimes, you need to ship a small amount of items that will not fill an entire truck. For those shipments, less than truckload (LTL) companies are the perfect fit. Finding an excellent LTL company in CA will help fill your small-batch shipping needs. What are the perks of using one of these companies?

Saves Money

By shipping in small quantities, you will save yourself money. You will not have to hire a full truck to pick up and deliver your goods. LTL companies have trucks and drivers that specialize in picking up your small amount of goods and delivering them to their specified locations in a timely and expert manner. They have multiple locations and companies to work for each day, so no one company has to pay for the entire truck, saving everyone money.

Offer Extra Services

An LTL company in CA can offer a wide selection of accessory services in addition to pick up and delivery. They often offer things like liftgate services, residential delivery and pick up, inside delivery, notice of previous delivery, and freeze protection, amongst others. This means that your company will be incredibly well taken care of. They will make sure that you, your goods, and your customers are satisfied with the service received.

Safer for Products

Shipping in small batches is safer for your products. Having all of your items together, typically on a pallet wrapped in shrink wrap, means that they will not be jostled about during delivery. Everything will be held together, preventing any damage. Your products are never safer than when they are shipped in small batches.

Employing an LTL company in CA can save you in the long run. Not only will they save you money in your shipping costs, but they offer extra services that full truckload shipping companies do not offer. This method is also safer for your products, which will save you even more money. Employing an LTL company is a smart move for your company.


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Ocean Freight Shipping Companies Provide Efficient & Cost-Effective Service

by Administrator15. September 2014 12:01

Ocean Freight Shipping Companies Provide Efficient & Cost-Effective Service | The Dependable Companies


Given its extensive history, you might not expect ocean freight shipping to be one of the most cost-efficient ways to transport goods these days. It is common to expect the newest ways of doing things to be the cheapest and fastest, and the oldest to be the most sluggish and expensive. However, ocean freight shipping companies today are among the most reliable and economical when it comes to getting your goods to their overseas destinations. Experienced cargo shippers routinely choose this mode of transport to avail themselves of its particular advantages.

If you are looking for ocean freight shipping companies, be sure to get a sense of how reliable their services are. Reliability is the foremost concern for any cargo shipper. Once you have established the trustworthiness of a company based on internet reviews and the like, take a look at their options for savings. There are many ways in which quality shipping companies can help you cut costs. These have to do with methods of grouping freight in ways that provide the maximum value per voyage.

When you are getting ready to have your products shipped, be sure to take advantage of any additional services that may be available to you, including expert project management and advising on the means of transporting freight that is extreme in terms of size or weight. Shipping companies have years of experience dealing with freight of all types, as well as schedules that seem to be nearly impossible to accommodate. By working on a personal basis with someone who has seen it all and made it all work out somehow, you will be sure to receive optimal service.

Additional benefits that experienced ocean freight shipping companies can provide you with include advice from people who specialize in particular destinations, transcontinental transportation via trucks, and customs clearance and brokerage. All of these services can greatly ease the burden of transporting goods internationally in accordance with a demanding schedule. Take a look online today for your next supply chain partnership.


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Supply Chain Solutions: Simple, Transparent, Controlled

by Administrator15. September 2014 11:31

Supply Chain Solutions: Simple, Transparent, Controlled | The Dependable Companies


A supply chain is basically a system of people, warehouses, and resources that are able to move a  product from the company that supplies it, to the consumers. If a supply chain is inefficient in it usage of time and resources, it can cost companies a lot money. With the help of a third-party logistics provider, companies are able to find efficient and cost effective methods of getting finished products to the customers. There are supply chain solutions to almost any problem that can arise.

One of the ways that a third-party logistics provider can provide companies with supply chain solutions is to analyze their network modeling and make it more effective. They will look at a company’s existing strategy for their supply chain. They will take into consideration the way that the goods are being transported and distributed, the locations where manufacturing takes place, and the destinations of the deliveries. They will take into account how much a specific company may spend on things like taxes, labor and utilities. Then they will use tools for proprietary modeling to figure out the most effective ways to use logistics facilities such as distribution centers and crossdocks.

Another way that third-party logistics providers can help companies use their resources more effectively is to provide assessments on transportation and. When assessing transportation they will look at the current transportation process. They look at the way the mode is being utilized, what technology systems are being used to gather information, how much transportation is costing, and the service metrics. Once all of these things are analyzed, then road maps can be created which will optimize how much companies spend on transportation.

These are just a couple examples of ways that a third-party logistics provider can provide supply chain solutions to supply chain companies. Having a third party take a close look at the network modeling and the transportation can save companies thousands of dollars each year. They can help the process of moving goods from supplier to customer be smooth and cost effective.


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What to Look for in a Southern California LTL Shipping Provider

by Administrator8. September 2014 14:01

What to Look for in a Southern California LTL Shipping Provider | The Dependable Companies

Are you in need of a one-time shipping option? Perhaps you are a small business who is looking to transport a small pallet once a week from your office in Phoenix to a seaport in Los Angeles. You might find the most cost-effective solution through one of the Southern California LTL companies.

Less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers are commonly used to transport goods that are too large for parcel service, yet not capable of filling a standard 48 or 53-foot truck (FTL).As these shipments are generally between 151 to 20,000 pounds, you may be faced with higher charges when attempting to send such goods via parcel service. As in many consumer activities, buying in bulk is often cheaper than purchasing individual units; however, unless you have 170 pounds worth of light-weight foam, it would not be cost-effective to pay for a full truckload. Alternatively, LTL carriers consolidate their cargo and are able to bulk your package with other shipments on the same truck. The freight is subject to specific packaging and pallet requirements, allowing for quick and streamlined transportation.

When investigating Southern California LTL providers, you may want to consider the magnitude of each operation and thus any specialized services. Look for companies that keep your products close to you. Providers with updated technology can offer quickonline rate requests and real-time tracking. Furthermore, you may want to go with anasset-based operation that owns the trucks and personnel through which your goods are handled. By avoiding the middleman, you are given more customizable options as well as a single point of contact who has direct control over your goods.

You may also want to consider any possible restrictions. If you are shipping hazardous materialfor example, you will need a carrier with the necessary safety equipment and properly trained drivers. Perhaps you are sending out custom furniture pieces or fragile electronic devices, in which case you would need a white glove delivery service capable of handling your products with special care.

Southern California LTL providers are well positioned near major cities throughout the state as well as Arizona and Nevada. Moreover, with access to world-class sea and airports, full-service providers can easily have your products en routeto other national or international destinations.A little research can help you evaluate your needs and find the most cost-effective shipping solution.

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How Renting Warehouse Space Saves You Money

by Administrator8. September 2014 13:49

How Renting Warehouse Space Saves You Money | The Dependable Companies


Your products are important to you.  You work hard to make them and want to make sure that they are secured, safe, and taken care of.  This can be difficult for you to take care of on your own.  There is another way, though.  Renting warehouse space to store your items makes your life easier and saves you money.

Saves You Space

The first important thing to remember is that putting your items in a warehouse means that they are not taking up space in your facility.  Having extra space means that you can keep your location clean and looking professional.  It also gives you more space to run your business and make more of your products.


Any warehouse will provide some form of security system.  These systems include fences, video surveillance, andpossibly even security teams.  They make sure that your items are secure so that none of them will go missing.  Your items are just as cared for in a warehouse as they are when in your possession.

Provide Equipment

An important part of any warehouse space is having equipment available for your use.  Many warehouses have tools like forklifts and cranes for you to use.  You will not need to provide any equipment for the transportation, storing, or moving of your products while they are in the warehouse.

Saves You Money

The moral of all of this is that you are saving money.  You will not have to buy equipment, pay security, or rent a larger space for your business.  For a low fee, you will have all of this taken care of for you.  This means that you will have more money to run your business, make more product, and possibly hire new employees.  By spending a little money on a warehouse, you will save money in the end.

If your business involves shipping out items, renting warehouse space could be a great idea.  These facilities save you space and money for your business.


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Using Logistics Companies in Los Angeles to Grow Your Business

by Administrator8. September 2014 11:52

Using Logistics Companies in Los Angeles to Grow Your Business | The Dependable Companies

For any growing business to thrive, it must have a good logistics department or provider. In the modern economy, businesses are becoming increasingly globalized. This is great for trade, but it can make the logistics part of the equation much more difficult. Even if your company only deals domestically, managing your supply chain can get overwhelming unless it is handled by experienced professionals. Consider letting a seasoned third party company handle your supply issues. There are a number of logistics companies in Los Angeles that can help keep your business running smoothly.

Before you start searching for companies to assist you, make sure you are aware of what your current logistics costs are. If you are unaware of your current cost, you will have no way to know whether or not contacting a logistics company will save you any money. This information will also assist you if you are considering whether or not to outsource all of your logistics services or just a few. In addition to knowing the costs, you must also outline what you need from the company before you contact one of the logistics companies in Los Angeles. This ensures that you can set realistic goals for yourself and the third party, and make sure that your needs are met.

Handling logistics is a huge hurdle. No matter what goods or services you are tracking, you have to make sure that the products are delivered safely and effectively. You must ensure that the proper items are delivered to their proper places in good condition and on time. You must also make sure that the items have been priced properly and have been distributed in the right numbers. In essence, logistics is the lifeblood of your company. A single mistake can be devastating to your company image and result in unsatisfied customers and business partners.

Make sure that your company is running smoothly and effectively by implementing a solid logistics strategy. If you need assistance or think that your company would benefit from outsourcing, consider consulting with one of the many logistics companies in Los Angeles.

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Benefits of Public Warehousing

by Administrator4. September 2014 11:36

Benefits of Public Warehousing | The Dependable Companies

A supply chain is rarely complete without some form of storage facility. While warehouses and storerooms are an important aspect of any company’s logistics system, there are many different ways that companies tackle warehousing. While many businesses prefer to keep their goods in their own buildings, public warehousing is a popular option for a variety of different reasons.

A public warehouse is the most flexible warehousing option. Instead of maintaining your own facility and all of the forklifts, racks, and other warehousing equipment required to store your products, you have the option of renting space in a public warehouse along with other businesses. A public warehouse will only charge you for the amount of space you are using each month. A public warehouse can be a great solution because you know your product is being handled and stored by professionals. These professionals are less likely to damage your product than employees who have not been trained in safe material handling techniques.

Public warehousing is popular among businesses that have strong seasonal sales. Because the amount of product they must manufacture, transport, and store varies considerably throughout the year, it may not be cost effective to maintain a large warehouse year-round. If your business is busiest during the holidays, for example, you might consider contracting with a public warehouse for the months leading up to December.

When shopping for a public warehouse, it is important to take a few factors into consideration. Make sure that the public warehouse you are considering can comfortably store your products. Some public warehouses only accommodate standard-size pallets. It is also important to consider location. If short shipping times are especially important to your business, it may be worth paying a little more to find a facility close to major roads or rail lines.

Although many business owners may be concerned about leaving their products in the hands of others, there is little real reason for concern. Public warehousing is a big business and today’s public warehouses are run and staffed by professionals who are dedicated to keeping products safe, secure, and damage-free.

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How Green Initiative Shipping Reduces Cost & Environmental Impact

by Administrator4. September 2014 11:04

How Green Initiative Shipping Reduces Cost & Environmental Impact | The Dependable Companies

Shipping can be an expensive practice that pollutes the environment, but it does not have to be. Many companies are considering new ways to cut costs. One of the upsides to this new course of action is that many of the initiatives under consideration will also benefit the environment. The growing interest in green initiative shipping causes companies to consider many ways to reduce the price and impact of their services.

One of the ways green initiative shipping companies are trying to cut down involves utilizing larger ships. Switching to larger ships means lower fuel consumption, reduced fuel costs, and smaller amounts of pollution. The structure of the vessel can have a significant effects on its fuel consumption. Making external alterations in the design of the ship can cause it to glide along the water more easily, so it does not require as much gas to keep it moving forward. Reducing friction on the water is very proactive and effective method to employ when looking to save money.

Using more environmentally friendly fuel is another way that modern shipping companies are going green. It is required to use low-sulfur fuels in many countries, but some have not yet made the switch. The green shipping initiative in Singapore, for example, may offer incentives to ships for using low-sulfur fuel. This is to help motivate companies to go green. Other incentives may exist as well, since many governments across the globe are showing growing concern for the environment and the purity of the water.

If you are involved with a business that is looking to be more environmentally friendly, consider working with a company that practices green initiative shipping. Going green is also great for public relations, since customers like seeing that their product comes from a responsible company. With so many businesses under fire for causing more pollution, customers and partners will most likely be relieved to know that their shipping company cares about the environment. As another bonus, many of these green updates can save shipping institutions money. If their costs are lower, it is likely that those savings will pass on to you.

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What to Consider When Hiring Southern California LTL Freight Services

by Administrator4. September 2014 10:41

What to Consider When Hiring Southern California LTL Freight Services | The Dependable Companies


LTL, or “less than truckload,” is a common way of shipping goods, particularly over shorter distances between neighboring states. Southern California LTL is big business, often reaching into nearby Nevada and Arizona. If you are considering contracting an LTL shipping provider, whether in California or across its borders, there are a few important things to consider.


Not all LTL companies manage their resources in the same way. If it is important to you that your shipment is picked up and transported in a timely manner, look for an LTL company that has same day pickup and delivery as an available option. Other companies might wait until they have a full load to schedule your shipment, a choice that could cost you valuable time.


Work with your LTL provider to be sure that whoever drives your shipment knows how to properly unload it when it has arrived at its destination. Particularly with bulky, odd-shaped or fragile shipments a carrier trained in careful material handling techniques can be the difference between a successful shipment and a disaster. Discuss delivery procedures and any guarantees with your provider before consigning your goods to their care.


Modern technology makes it possible for anyone to track the progress of a shipment from the comfort of a couch or office chair. Although the majority of shipments make it safely to their destination, there is considerable peace of mind associated with tracking your valuables. Consider hiring a company that not only tracks whenever a shipment changes hands, but makes it easy for you to do the same.


There is a lot that goes in to moving products, particularly when it comes to the diverse Southern California LTL market. Choosing a company that knows the rules and the roads best can make the difference, particularly if unanticipated problems arise.

There are many options available to someone looking to hire a Southern California LTL shipping provider. However, by doing a little research and taking a few key factors into consideration, it should not be hard to find a reputable business capable of fulfilling your needs.

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