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Transportation Management: Reaching a Wider Audience

by Administrator25. February 2015 13:39

Transportation Management: Reaching a Wider Audience | The Dependable Companies


The ability to get their products out to a wide customer base can be the thing that makes or breaks a business. Not only is it important to grow your audience, you must also continue to supply them and foster their loyalty. This helps create a beneficial relationship that could last years. For these reasons and more, efficient transportation management is a high priority for many businesses.

Tricks of the Trade

This area encompasses several different aspects, and all of them are important to maintaining a powerful supply chain. One of the most important aspects of the job is planning out the best route for the delivery to take, whether it is going by land, air, or sea. This means determining the most efficient path for high priority orders, finding ways to balance transport costs with the transport time, and ensuring that the drivers have access to the preferred amount of stops along the way. Balancing out these aspects can be the key to a perfect route.

A good transportation management service is able to track the shipment to its destination, keeping an eye on it the whole way to ensure smooth passage. This real time tracking can also be provided to the client, helping them feel at ease and keeping them updated with each new change. After the order has been made, it is important to keep track of certain performance details and use this information in future decision making.

The right transportation management service will be able to listen to the unique concerns of an individual business and accommodate those concerns. No matter the size or type of order you need to ship, the right company will be able to help. They understand what a vital resource this can be, and are dedicated to helping others access it. Now your products can reach a wider audience and find the people that were just waiting for them to enter their lives. With efficient routes and excellent rates, your business is sure save money while making it.


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The Benefits of Using a 3PL

by Administrator19. February 2015 10:35

The Benefits of Using a 3PL | The Dependable Companies


Businesses that are looking for a way to reduce the amount of resources it takes to manage their operations can benefit from the use of a 3PL company. Third party logistic companies provide a variety of supply chain and logistics solutions to enable businesses to save time, money and grow their operations to meet the ever-changing demands of their respective industries.

Access to Resources

Third party logistic companies have access to a wide variety of resources that enable them to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their clients supply chain needs. Companies can take advantage of the relationships and volume pricing that using 3PLs offer so that they can reduce their operational expenses and provide faster and timelier services to their customers.


Dealing with the ever-changing demands of your business needs can be stressful and make it much harder for your organization to transition seamlessly to meet those demands. Using a third party logistics company allows your organization to stay on target with the ebb and flow of business so that you have access to the space, inventory, transportation and manpower you need when you need it. Using a third party logistics company can also enable your company to grow into new markets without overextending itself.

3PL companies are a godsend for businesses everywhere. They can effectively manage each step of your company’s supply chain management process to ensure that your business is a lean mean and efficient machine. Your company gains access to state of the art technology, advanced reporting capabilities and is also managed by a company that provides your business with all of the resources it needs to stay relevant and in demand. 

Not only is it smart business to use a 3PL company, it is also the easiest way to mitigate risks as you manage and grow your business. Choose your 3PL provider wisely and watch your profits, customer service and each step of your supply chain process improve now and in the future.


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VIDEO: What is Logistics & Supply Chain?

by Administrator19. February 2015 10:12

The educational video featured below is a trailer from an excellent supply chain overview video created by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP).



The Valentine’s Day Supply Chain: Logistics of Love (Infographic)

by Administrator12. February 2015 15:23

Sorry Cupid, Valentine's Day is the work of logistics and supply chain!


The Valentine’s Day Supply Chain: Logistics of Love (Infographic) | The Dependable Companies



Is There a Future for Google Glass in the Logistics Industry?

by Administrator11. February 2015 16:41


Keep It Green! Tips for Sustainable Trucking

by Administrator11. February 2015 16:03

Keep It Green! Tips for Sustainable Trucking | The Dependable Companies


Sustainability is a word on everyone’s lips lately, in reference to business practices that are environmentally friendly and work to use renewable resources and power. Just about every industry can make steps to become more sustainable, and that includes notorious polluters like the trucking industry. These are some of the latest trends in the field of sustainable trucking.

Fuel Efficiency

Using less fuel is the primary way trucking companies are becoming more sustainable. Trucks that are more fuel efficient have to spend less on gas and release fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Better fuel efficiency can be achieved by outfitting trucks to be more aerodynamic and ensuring they get regular tune-ups. It can also mean switching to electric or hybrid vehicle, which are generally the most efficient choice of all.

Driver Training

Having drivers who understand how to conserve fuel is also an important step in achieving fuel efficiency. Keep your drivers updated on trends and technology that allow them to operate their vehicle more economically. Plan delivery routes to be as short as possible and require little doubling-back, but also try to plan them so they have few left turns, as this leads to trucks idling and burning fuel.

Sustainable Facilities

Sustainability doesn’t just have to be limited to the trucks themselves. Sorting facilities and offices belonging to the company can also be made more environmentally friendly with a few changes. Swap out lighting fixtures for energy efficient fixtures that use less power, and update heating and cooling systems to be more economical. If you are planning to use the same facility for many years, consider a switch to alternative energy such as solar or wind. The initial set-up requires a fairly significant investment, but it pays for itself over time in lower energy bills.

With just a few small changes to trucks and the way they are operated, trucking can become much more sustainable. This not only good for the environment, but also often for the bottom line of the trucking company.


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Update from the Pacific Maritime Association [VIDEO]

by Administrator5. February 2015 14:00

A public statement regarding the state of contract negotiations from James McKenna, President & CEO of the Pacific Maritime Association.



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8 Trends in Sustainable Transport

by Administrator2. February 2015 16:33

8 Trends in Sustainable Transport | The Dependable CompaniesThe logistics industry is experiencing a growth like never before. The industry faces challenges that have to be overcome to maintain low costs for its customers while providing the service you expect. Here are the trends that are changing how shipping companies do business. 

  1. Growth in the industry – Although the industry has been growing, the new growth patterns of exports and imports may be more unpredictable. It is no longer just shipping from Asia to North America or Europe. 
  2. Internationalism – It is more possible to reach the emerging markets of smaller countries and make that part of a business strategy for growth. 
  3. Multiple sourcing – The logistics business now has to support sourcing from many places to keep costs low for manufacturers. 
  4. Complex software – As supply chains and logistics become more complex, the technology needed to keep up with them has to adapt. 
  5. Environmentally friendly solutions – More business are concerned with sustainability and the environment with their transportation. This is a major force in how companies do business.
  6. Transparency – Customers and clients are demanding visibility in the supply chain. They want to know where their shipment is and when it will arrive. 
  7. Collaboration – Logistics companies that work together provide the best service. However, the supply chain also needs to work with each other to find the best solutions. Partnerships to provide the lowest prices while maintaining customer service will give you the best strategies. 
  8. More regulations – Legislation that prevents bribery and corruption in the supply chains are impacting how companies do business. 

As your company works to find solutions for your logistics operations, you should be aware of what is happening in the industry as a whole so that you have an understanding of what problems your shipping company faces. Working together, you can overcome these issues more effectively, keep your prices low, and get your product where it needs to be. Stay on top of the trends that affect you and you will have the information to negotiate more effectively.


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The Advantages That Public Warehousing Has to Offer

by Administrator2. February 2015 16:22

The Advantages That Public Warehousing Has to Offer | The Dependable Companies


Even with just-in-time delivery, it is inevitable that your company's goods will need to be stored at some point during the supply chain. When that happens, you have a choice of using a company-owned warehouse, going with a third party logistics company warehouse or choosing a public warehouse. Public warehousing, available when the need arises, is a great solution for individual deliveries. Usually offered on a month to month basis, it saves the company the expense of hiring warehouse personnel and equipment. These facilities also provide inventory counts, inspection, pallet services, and management services along with standard shipping and receiving services. They can even provide picking and packing services using the client’s own software, effectively operating as one of your satellite offices.

When considering which public warehousing company to choose, take into consideration not only your present but also your future warehousing needs. Since availability at a public warehouse can vary, choosing a company that has multiple locations might be the best option. You may even want to look for a company with global locations. Flexibility is the key.You should also consider the warehouse’s proximity to transportation such as highways and railroads. Although public warehouses were originally designed as a short-term solution, such as warehousing extra product during busy seasons, many companies now regard them as a long-term solution, and sometimes include expansion clauses in their contracts.

Some of the things that you will want to check when choosing a warehouse are security services such as whether it is burglar proof and fireproof. You will want to know that it provides clean and dry storage and depending upon your product, you may need to know if it provides food grade storage, and is licensed accordingly. You want to be sure that the technology is adequate to meet your needs. You should, of course, do an onsite inspection, meet with the management team and ask for references.

Public warehousing can offer both short-term and long-term storage needs for your company. By choosing the right warehouse, you can save your company expenses while adding value to this part of your supply chain. Although these warehouses originally arose to meet the need of additional short-term storage space, many companies now regard them as a long-term solution.


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The Lower Price of Fuel May Not Affect Worldwide Transportation Costs

by Administrator26. January 2015 15:58

The Lower Price of Fuel May Not Affect Worldwide Transportation Costs | The Dependable Companies


Over the last few years as the price of fuel increased, transportation costs went up in the form of fuel surcharges and extra taxes. It makes sense that shipping costs should go down as the price of fuel declines. However, in the logistics business, that may not be the case. 

The Price of Oil Against the Price of Gas at the Pump

Over the last few months, the price of oil has seen a 30 percent decline. Experts say this is a result of U.S. oil production combined with a lag in the global demand. And yet, that drop in price has not been seen at the pump in the United States. While prices have dropped for diesel fuel, it is been a moderate five to seven percent decline in most places. In the northeast, the decline is larger but that is because prices were already higher to begin with. Natural gas prices are up by around 20 percent because there is a greater demand. 

What Does This Mean for Shipping Companies?

Even though fuel prices are declining, trucking rates may climb or at the very least stay fairly steady. The reason for this is simply supply and demand. Regulations to the trucking industry are reducing productivity and the driver workforce. The numbers of trucks available for transport is going down, while the demand for transportation is going up. 

Solutions to Maintain Costs

Shippers who take advantage of collaboration between different methods of transportation offer the best service and capacity for their clients. The challenge, as it has always been, is finding the best solution for you, while managing costs and the impact on the environment. Your shipping company needs to be flexible and look for the best solutions for you. 

The logistics industry is very competitive. Negotiate with your shipper to get the best service and rates so that you always know where your product is and control your own costs. A company that provides the service your customers expect is a bargain when you are not concerned about your product getting to its destination on time.


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