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Southern California LTL Transport: An Overview

by Administrator17. October 2014 15:10

Southern California LTL Transport: An Overview | The Dependable Companies


There are many things that a less-that-truckload freight company can do for your Southern California business. If you need goods shipped in small batches, finding the right Southern California LTL company can help you out exponentially. What can the right company offer you?

Nationwide Delivery

When you produce goods for sale, you never want to limit yourself. Just because you may only be shipping locally right now, does not mean you will not expand later. Having nationwide delivery means that you will be able to expand your business to include the entire nation. Getting your goods into the hands of people throughout the country means only great things for you. There will be more profits for your company, more exposure for your products, and more money for you.

Excellent Customer Service

Any business can tell you how important customer service is. LTL companies are no different. Finding a great southern California LTL company that offers unparalleled customer service can mean incredible things for your business. They can offer personalized service that is based on your needs, takes your desires into account, and focuses on the things that really matter to you. Incredible customer service can mean that you get things that your previously would not have tried, or possibly discounts on certain services. Customer service representatives are only concerned with making you happy, so there is no limit to what you can expect from them.

White Glove Delivery

This is a special type of delivery service that ensures your valuable, delicate items are handled with the most care possible. This goes beyond standard delivery techniques to make sure that nothing happens to your precious cargo. This includes processes like wrapping or crating your items to ensure safety throughout their journey.

Southern California LTL companies can offer you a wide variety of services and options. Their nationwide delivery, unparalleled customer service, and white glove delivery services are sure to meet and exceed your needs. Choose less than truckload shipping can make your work much easier and less stressful.


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What is Supply Chain Management?

by Administrator17. October 2014 14:52

What is Supply Chain Management? | The Dependable Companies


Supply chain management (SCM) is becoming a business byword because companies have found that effectively managing the supply chain does not happen by accident. Experts use analytic tools to make and evaluate plans that can save significant money and increase productivity. There are many important ways that a third party can aid businesses with their supply chain. Two of these ways include: resource assistance and strategic decision making.

Whether your company has temporary or long term resource assistance needs, a supply chain management firm can help. They can transport and store goods for you in addition to making recommendations on how to make the process more effective. You can depend on a firm to help you through an expansion until you complete a new warehouse, or you can rely on them as a permanent supply chain solution. Regardless of your needs, you will likely find a firm that is suited to bringing you expert assistance at a reasonable price.

Strategic decision making can be best when done by experts. The supply chain is a complex system that covers every step a product goes through from the raw materials to the goods or services received by your end consumers. The way your business interacts with others to produce and deliver your products may not be as fixed as you assume it is. There may be opportunities that you are missing out on which would incorporate a larger portion of the overall supply chain. In addition to evaluating this type of question, supply chain management considers every step a product or service requires within your company.

Questions such as how long raw materials should sit in your warehouse and how best to reduce the number of days it takes you to produce a product may be best evaluated by someone outside your company. Third party logistics can provide seasoned professionals who are removed from the potentially mistaken assumptions that drive your business. There may be ways to improve your supply chain process that you have never considered.


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Is LTL Shipping Appropriate for Your Business Needs?

by Administrator14. October 2014 12:14

Is LTL Shipping Appropriate for Your Business Needs? | The Dependable Companies


LTL shipping, or less than truckload, is used for those shipments that are not large enough to fill an entire trailer or shipping container. Unlike truckload freights, LTL deliveries are pooled with shipments from other businesses so that the cost of transportation is split by the several businesses. Those goods may be passed from one truck to another and may travel through a central warehouse on their path to the final destination. To determine whether this option is right for your business, visit with a reputable LTL company and see what they have to offer. 

Is LTL shipping appropriate for your business needs? In order to determine this, you may want to answer some important questions. For example, do most of your shipments weight less than 10,000 pounds? Do you ship your goods to multiple destinations and do they ever originate from different areas? If you were to combine shipments, would they fill an entire truck and trailer? Do you have the capability to load and unload all of your shipments? Can you make arrangements for someone else to unload the shipment once it arrives at its destination? 

As you consider whether or not it is best to work with what an LTL company offers, remember the following benefits: The costs of LTL shipping are often shared by several businesses, so you are only responsible for a portion of the total costs. Because the products are handled by shipping professionals, you can expect fewer damages. Finally, you pay for the weight of your goods, so even if they must travel a great distance, you still only pay per-pound pricing. 

As a business owner or manager, you already have many responsibilities. Sharing shipping duties with a professional LTL company can lift one of those burdens from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the many other areas of responsibility that are involved with running a successful business. If you have not used an LTL provider in the past, you might want to investigate the advantages to your business if you were to work with an LTL company.


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Today's Top Logistics Challenges

by Administrator14. October 2014 10:54

Today's Top Logistics Challenges | The Dependable Companies


The ongoing development of transportation services plays an important role in the success of other industries. The need for efficient transportation, both locally and internationally, is pressing as businesses attempt to efficiently and affordably ship their goods to customers and order the items they need in order to conduct business. While there are many issues facing those in the logistics industry, there seem to be at least three main problems.

The first is that the cost of fuel is continually rising. Small businesses may struggle to maintain their own fleets, and large businesses often spend a large portion of their budget on transportation. With rising oil prices impacting so many businesses, the best option is often to choose a third party for transportation and logistics. These professionals are able to consolidate and streamline the movement of products both to and from each business place.

Another important area where costs are increasing concerns other costs of transportation. Establishing a place to warehouse products, hiring and training employees to move the product, and many other aspects of shipping are wearing businesses down. 

The second major issue facing those with logistics concerns has to do with the exchange of information. In the fast-paced world of computerized business, this exchange can happen quickly and effectively. However, when it comes to shipping and transporting products across international borders, it can be difficult for business owners to pinpoint those with whom they must communicate and how much information must be shared.

A final issue faced by those in the logistics area of business is reducing waste. Too often, business leaders experience waste in employee time and in their resources. The effective use of resources necessary to handle inventory, efficiently transport, load and unload the product, and all other logistics activities is absolutely vital to operate a cost-effective business. However, many business owners find that duplication of services leads to wasted time and money.

One important solution available to business owners is that of working with a third party logistics company. These professionals help the business owner to keep costs low while improving the efficiency of their transportation efforts. As the business world continues to shift, logistics will continue to be a major player in the industry.


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Optimizing Freight Forwarder Capabilities

by Administrator10. October 2014 11:58

Optimizing Freight Forwarder Capabilities | The Dependable Companies


High-performing freight forwarders have several key capabilities in common: a flexible business model, deep expertise in important customer industries, 360-degree control of IT applications, and supply chain visibility

A Flexible Business Model

High performers recognize that time to market is crucial in the industry. This means they need to have the flexibility to respond quickly to their customers' changing expectations and need for convenience. Often the most successful operators have worked to establish new ocean freight networks that link growth geographies, such as South America and Africa. Additionally, they have launched multiple new service connections that link the global trade routes that they dominate.

Complete Knowledge of Key Customer Industries

As customers expand their supply chains in an effort to respond to globalization, in-depth industry knowledge is gaining even greater importance. High performing freight forwarder operators are active leaders in deepening expertise in the industry sectors they serve. This involves going far beyond traditional warehousing and transportation solutions. More and more, logistics companies and freight forwarders are working on collaborative strategies, and are aligning themselves more closely with their clients' processes, operations, technology, and industry know-how.

Maintaining an IT Edge

The most successful operators have gone far beyond using IT applications to merely to enable internal process management. Rather, they work to leverage their customer-facing proprietary technologies to empower their clients, providing them with end-to-end visibility that spans the entire supply chain. The ability to continue to develop "smarter" technology-based services and achieve greater alignment with clients' processes and operations are crucial to ongoing success.

Supply Chain Visibility

For large customers supply chain visibility continues to be a top operational priority. Legacy information systems that have been designed to enable internal company operations often make it difficult for clients and customers to get a unified picture of their various supply chains. Enabling the networking of information across companies allows operators to share information in real-time with key suppliers, customers, and partners. Establishing these kinds of collaborative information networks will continue to be crucial to streamlining operations and continuing to exceed customer expectations for freight forwarding capabilities.


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The Hidden Rewards of Southern California LTL Shipping

by Administrator10. October 2014 11:42

The Hidden Rewards of Southern California LTL Shipping | The Dependable Companies


One struggle that faces business owners regularly is how to get their products shipped in a timely and cost-effective manner. Unless they move a great deal of merchandise, the costs of hiring an entire truck are often unreasonable when compared to the amount of goods to be transported. This means that businesses of all sizes must find a different method of moving their products to their customers that does make sense. A Southern California LTL provider may hold the solution. When they choose LTL shipping, business owners enjoy several important benefits.

In order to fully understand the benefits of LTL shipping, business professionals should understand what it is. LTL stands for “less-than-truckload” and refers to the practice of hiring a third party to transport goods when the amount of those goods is less than an entire truckload. This process allows multiple companies with products that will be shipped to the same locations to share the transportation and warehousing costs. This obviously represents some financial benefits to the business. However, there are many additional advantages that may not be so easily recognized. 

One of the hidden benefits to working with a Southern California LTL service provider is the work of experienced transportation specialists. Rather than expecting staff members to leave their own areas of expertise in order to handle and ship products, the shipping service brings higher levels of experience to play. Staff members remain undistracted from their original duties and transportation workers put their abilities to work on the business’ behalf. 

Another benefit that may not be readily apparent is access to the network that the LTL carrier has developed. Carriers are in the business of moving freight efficiently and affordably. In order to do this, they seek out the best business partners, the quickest routes, and the most current innovations. Just as any business owner focuses on their area of expertise, LTL service providers endeavor to improve their own area of service. There may be other benefits to working with a Southern California LTL service, but business owners will not fully appreciate those rewards unless they make the move to this form of shipping.


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What to Look for in a Logistics Company

by Administrator7. October 2014 16:15

What to Look for in a Logistics Company | The Dependable Companies


When you are looking for a logistics company, what you are really looking for is someone who can take the product that you pour your time, energy and money into and care for it in the manner you would yourself. This is your livelihood and reputation on the line. When you are looking through Los Angeles logistics companies, take the time to thoroughly research to ensure a quality match.

An important factor to know about a company is its speed. Get to know its timelines and turnaround times. Take note of any details that can impact or extend the time guaranteed. Take into consideration your product and needs as well as your clients’ need and verify that the amount of time promised is an appropriate range, fitting within your operations plans.

While a promised timeline is necessary, even more important is actually fulfilling that promise. Reliability is half the battle and you need to know that the company you go with is consistent in providing quality service and will be able to take guesswork out of the equation. The Los Angeles logistics companies on your short list need to provide you peace of mind.If you have clients on the other end expecting delivery by a certain date, your word and reputation can be at risk if the bridge in-between is anything other than completely reliable. 

On that same note, check into references. Find other companies or individuals who have used the same logistics companies and learn the pros and cons that they have faced. Past customer satisfaction says a lot about a company.

Finally, once you have narrowed down the Los Angeles logistics companies to who can provide the services that you need in the way that you need them, compare the costs that come along with that. Make sure you find one that can offer quality while staying within your operations budget. You do not want to work so hard on a product, just to eat up profits in the delivery.


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An Overview of LTL Carrier Services

by Administrator7. October 2014 16:01

An Overview of LTL Carrier Services | The Dependable Companies


Have you ever wondered what LTL (less than truckload) shipping is and where the LTL carrier fits into the equation? You may be surprised to learn that quite a bit of business is handled through LTL shipments.

LTL shipping involves moving products from one point to another and may involve multiple carriers and forms of transportation. Examples include aircraft transportation, railways, by water, and trucks, naturally. The movement of your products by truck offers flexibility and an affordable price tag. Trucks provide faster timetables than either rails or water transportation.

LTL shipping happens when the shipment to be moved will not take up the entire trailer - whether 48 feet or 53 feet. While there are many different carriers that provide this service, each carrier may have the ability to provide their own selection of services. Those services may include residential pickups, lift gate services, freeze protection, and more. 

There are some important qualities that reputable carriers share. These often include the use of van trailers, either covered or enclosed. Some carriers have refrigerated units as well as trailers with roll up doors to make access quicker and easier. Because the products have already been sorted by destination, carriers are able to move very large loads of freight at once. 

One of the main reasons that business owners choose to send their goods through an LTL provider is the affordable cost of paying for just part of a truck. The entire cost of the truck is divided between all of the parties. This is great news for those businesses with shipments that just will not take up an entire trailer. Another reason that this shipping option is chosen is that when well trained professionals handle shipping, there are fewer damages, happier customers, and quicker deliveries. 

In an age where companies conduct a lot of business over the Internet, the convenience of working with an LTL carrier cannot be overlooked. With this reliable transportation opportunity, small businesses and large can enjoy lower costs, greater convenience, and more flexibility. LTL shipping is clearly a solution to many shipping questions.


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Is a Dedicated Fleet Right for Your Business?

by Administrator7. October 2014 15:25

Is a Dedicated Fleet Right for Your Business? | The Dependable Companies


A dedicated fleet may be right for your business, but if you have not considered this option before, then your business could be losing money. Whether you need large trailers, drivers, or another type of transportation resource, there are several advantages of having a fleet at your disposal. These benefits include making sure that deliveries are completed on time, knowing that space for your deliveries in guaranteed, and keeping your freight shipping costs low. In order to determine whether or not these advantages are available to you, consider some of the following factors.

Does your business have many shipping needs on a consistent basis? Some businesses find that the bulk of their shipping is done on a seasonal basis. If you are sending and receiving goods on a regular basis, then a dedicated fleet can be used to your advantage. If you only send out large orders during one or two short seasons, then the fleet may not be a viable option for your business. However, some businesses have found that the reliable availability of the fleet is well worth having the vehicles even when they are not in use. 

How do your inbound and outbound deliveries balance each other? Most businesses have found that their fleet is more cost effective when their inbound and outbound shipping happens at about the same rate. 

Distance is another important factor to consider. Local shipping usually represents a better use of the fleet than long distance shipping. Locally shipped goods may be subject to extra charges if you use a common carrier, so you will really notice the difference when you make the switch. Some regional and long distance deliveries may be appropriate for the fleet, but these may often have to be determined on a case by case basis.

If your transportation needs require any specialty equipment, such as refrigerated units or extended flatbeds, then the dedicated fleet may be your best option. This equipment can be difficult and very expensive to purchase on your own. Resolve the problem and get your shipping on track by hiring a fleet of drivers and vehicles specifically for your use.


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Warehousing and Distribution: How a 3PL Can Save You Time & Money

by Administrator2. October 2014 15:47

Warehousing and Distribution: How a 3PL Can Save You Time & Money | The Dependable Companies


Your bottom line means everything. Everything you do in your business comes back to your budget. Logistics is no different, because how you run your business can take up a big chunk of your expenses. You can stand to save yourself both money and time by outsourcing processes such as warehousing and distribution. A third-party logistics provider can help you grow your business and your revenue.

One of the biggest reasons that people turn to a logistics company is because they lack the staff to do the work. In order to satisfy your supply chain needs, you would have to hire a number of individuals who specialize in things such as transportation and fulfillment. Instead of spending money on full-time salaries, you can save money through turning to a logistics provider.

When it comes to warehousing and distribution, there are a number of things that a third-party provider can assist you with. For example, finding and renting the space for your supplies can be time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, your business may have ebbs and flows, which means you may be paying for warehouse space you do not need during your slower periods. Third-party providers can typically rent you space, giving you more when you need it and saving you money when you do not. 

Distribution is a very labor-intensive part of your business. Between packaging and shipping, it requires a lot of hands to get the job done. Instead of a business owner spending time worrying about these details, he or she can enlist the help of a third-party provider that has extensive experience in this area. That experience lends itself to increasing efficiency and minimizing both waste and mistakes.

When you are looking at your current logistics needs, you will likely find that utilizing a third-party provider will reduce your expenses and result in better customer service. Through professional warehousing and distribution help, you will only need to pay for the space you need and you can count on packaging and shipping experts to get the job done correctly.


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