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5 Key Benefits of Supply Chain Management

by Administrator18. December 2014 11:59

5 Key Benefits of Supply Chain Management | The Dependable Companies


For any business that supplies or receives goods, it is important to have an efficient system in place to ensure the timely and safe transport of products. Supply chain management (SCM) is essential to this process. There are 5 key benefits of SCM.

1. Increased Visibility

Proper SCM can help to increase your visibility into the supply process. With this information you can develop innovative ways to become more responsive within your supply chain network, which can lead to new and greater opportunities.

2. Meet Customer Demands

A supply chain network creates a common information framework that individuals can utilize to communicate and collaborate with one another. This allows for expedient response and assistance with various customer needs.

3. Track Compliance

Along with effective communication, the network also creates a trail of information that can be stored or reviewed when necessary. With this data a manager or auditor can ensure that proper protocol and regulations are being followed. This can prove to be quite beneficial in tracking things such as environment, health and safety compliance.

4. Lower Expenses

SCM allows you to see the big picture. As such, a knowledgeable professional can recognize and target areas that could be utilized or rearranged to become more efficient. These efforts can significantly lower costs and increase profit margins. A few such efforts includes:

    • Reducing inventory levels and increasing inventory turns.
    • Adjusting procurement, manufacturing and transport to be more timely.
    • Enhancing product tracking.

5. Tighten Supply Chain

Increased communication can be applied to employees as well as business partners. When you develop effective communication channels through SCM, you develop stronger relationships, which can lead to substantial business deals and referrals.

When correctly executed supply chain management can provide several different benefits for various types of business. The aforementioned 5 key benefits contribute to efficient, productive and prosperous business practices, and can help your business thrive. For more information on how SCM can best benefit your business, contact a logistics manager today.


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UPS Transforms Logistics into Humanity with One Great Idea (and Video)

by Administrator18. December 2014 11:15

Recently, UPS launched their new "Wishes Delivered" campaign that features a short video about a little boy and his favorite delivery driver, Mr. Ernie. Not only is it a wonderful story to watch, but it's also extremely touching. However, marketing and branding guru Will Burns illustrates that its powerful marketing message is far greater than any of that, by stating:

"One of the powers of this little film - and the entire Wishes Delivered campaign - is that it changes the way we perceive that big brown box on wheels. It was a truck, a brown truck no less, that had packages inside probably for businesses. Nothing special. But this idea inspires the viewer to think again. It reframes that ordinary truck into something approximating Santa's sleigh. And it does so with humility, heart, and not a shred of chest-pounding."

And just like that, Mr. Ernie goes from a regular delivery truck driver to a magical wish-delivery saint. Watch the "Your Wishes Delivered: Driver for a Day" video below, and enjoy every second of it!


Tips to Master Your Logistics Needs

by Administrator15. December 2014 14:34

Tips to Master Your Logistics Needs | The Dependable Companies


Keep your customers happy and your shipping costs manageable when you have control over your logistics. You should always know where your product is and where it is going. Use these ideas to gain mastery over your system and contain the costs of your program. 

You have to know what it is costing you for your logistics program in order to know where you can cut your costs. Your ledger needs to be detailed enough for a breakdown of fees. By maintaining a budget, you can also see if any division has frequent high charges. Focus on changing the most expensive process first, making small changes to see if things improve or not with each improvement. This also helps your staff learn new programs slowly for better service to your customers. 

There are many different software programs that are available. Make sure you have one specific to your industry and needs. You save money having the tools at your fingertips to do what you need to do. Your software gives you detailed reports and documentation for all your departments, and you can eliminate the headaches in your logistics when you know what is going on in your business. 

Consider a contract or partnership with a shipping company that knows the industry. Make relationships with the vendors who can help you provide the service your customers demand. The logistics market is constantly changing and evolving. Just because it has always been done one way, does not make it the cheapest and most effective method now. 

Ask your shipping company about the services it provides. Discuss your problems and needs with their specialists, because they may already have the solution. The market is competitive, and you may find discounts and benefits available to you just by talking to the company. You may be able to integrate your software with theirs and not have to purchase your own license. Work hard to network and find the ways to keep your logistics flowing smoothly in your business.


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Ocean Shipping Basics

by Administrator15. December 2014 14:28

Ocean Shipping Basics | The Dependable Companies


If you are moving into the international world of business with the goal of shipping your goods across country borders, then you should get to know ocean shipping companies and the process of international shipping.

Who is involved in the process? First of all, there is the shipper – you and the goods you want to export to your customers. Next, there is the shipping company. These professionals are responsible to oversee the logistics of your shipment and who will be held responsible for any trouble along the way. You may also have to deal with origin agents, freight forwarders, consolidating warehousing, export port officials, the shipping line, container lines, and the destination port. If this sounds overwhelming to you, you may want to work with a highly recommended shipping company that will handle the whole process for you.

What can be shipped by ocean shipping companies? There are a wide number of goods that travel from one port to another across the ocean. This is true whether the shipments are for commercial and business purposes or for personal moves. However, those goods will be transported in a shipping container, either a 20 foot container or a 40 foot container. You may need some help preparing your goods for transportation in those containers. 

How does the process work? First, you will identify the destination and origin of your shipment. Then you will also need to provide information regarding the weight, height, width, and length of shipment. You will also need to give a description of the type of goods that you hope to ship. The shipping company should send out a representative to conduct a visual survey before they provide you with an estimate and quote. 

You may have the option of paying for insurance coverage to protect your shipment. The professionals at the ocean shipping companies can help you determine the best coverage for the types of goods that you are sending. International shipping may seem overwhelming and confusing at first. Work closely with your chosen shipping company to ensure that the experience is a productive one. 


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Supply Chain & Logistics Predictions for 2015

by Administrator9. December 2014 10:36

Supply Chain & Logistics Predictions for 2015 | The Dependable Companies


After the holiday season, 2014 will be quickly drawing to a close and 2015 will be here. It is never too early to start thinking ahead to the New Year. What will supply chain look like? What will customers expect? Where will the biggest potential for growth be? These are all questions that can help a business prepare for the year ahead. A prepared business is a successful business.

One of the first things looked at as 2015 predictions are being made is the customer. Where are people shopping? Will the trend to shop online increase or decrease? What does the customer expect? These are all questions that, when answered, can help a business prepare to increase sales. For example, if the trend of online shopping increases, a company can prepare by updating their website and aligning their shipping strategies with predicted customer demand. In a market of online retail, a retailer that provides fast and accurate shipping will do very well.

Companies should also look into potential new markets for 2015. In this every shrinking world, lucrative Asian markets are well within reach of any company. In order to tap these markets, businesses need to have a third party logistics partner that can get their goods where they need to be. Once that is set up, they can begin marketing strategies to promote their products in new markets. Hopefully this will allow a company to see growth in 2015.

Another way to prepare for 2015 is to update technology and use software to make predictions. There is a lot of data to be gathered by supply chain management software (SCMS), the key is to use that data in such a way that the company saves time and money. Logistic companies can help evaluate data and find new and innovative supply chain solutions to help a company grow. The partnership between a company and their logistic team can result in growth on both ends.

It is never too early to start looking at predictions for 2015. A company that is prepared for the dynamic economy of the modern world will set itself apart from others. Looking at customers, new markets, and new technology are all ways to plan ahead for the New Year. Logistics companies can help with each part.


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Container Drayage Services: What to Look For

by Administrator9. December 2014 10:03

Container Drayage Services: What to Look For | The Dependable Companies


For the most part, business operates in a predictable process. Products get manufactured, stored, and then purchased. Then they must be taken from a warehouse to a port so that they can be later sent to their delivery site. This short transport part of the cycle is called container drayage. Although choosing a company to provide drayage services for your business needs may seem like an easy decision to make, there are in fact many factors to consider to make sure that you partner with a reputable firm that has your best interests in mind.

First, your drayage provider should be efficient. When you call, you should expect an immediate response, with same-day pick-up and delivery in most cases. This may seem like a trivial issue to focus on, but the speed that your goods get turned over has an affect on your sales and productivity. If your containers are waiting around for transport, your customers will have to wait longer, thus giving them less faith in your ability to quickly deliver products to them. 

Container drayage should also be closely tracked. Make sure that the company you are working with has the most up-to-date technology to keep a close eye on your shipments. There is no reason for there to be any doubt about exactly where your goods are, and you should have access to this information at all times.

Finally, you should look for a drayage provider that strives to be environmentally friendly. This is not only a moral issue, but also a publicity and profitability issue; many consumers look to support only green businesses. Because trucks historically produce a lot of pollution, some companies have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint by choosing different types of trucks, lumping shipments together, and complying with all environmental regulations. 

There are many choices for container drayage available. Take your time to choose one that will be easy to communicate with, will save you money, will work around your schedule, and is technologically-advanced.


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The Advantages of 3PL Warehousing

by Administrator9. December 2014 09:42

The Advantages of 3PL Warehousing | The Dependable Companies


In this era of a global economy, merchandise does not stay in one place for very long, and when it moves, its destination is often thousands of miles away. However, as a business owner, thinking about storage and transportation of your products may not be top on your list. After all, you are also responsible for the production of the goods and all the people who make the gears turn. If you are looking for an easy way to take care of shipping logistics, 3PL warehousing is the perfect solution.

Third-party logistics companies can store all of your merchandise in one of their secure warehouses, eliminating your need to rent and protect your own warehouse. Whether you have a few pallets to store or truckloads of goods, 3PL warehouses can keep your valuables safe and accounted for. This cuts down on your costs significantly– you do not have to waste warehouse space during the points of your business cycle when there is not much to store, or rent extra space during the weeks when you have pallets that will not fit in your existing space.

3PL warehousing is also an extremely convenient option. No longer will you have to keep track of all of the boxes that you have lying around, or of the staff that works the shipping end of your operation. Instead, the third-party company can manage your inventory for you. When orders come in, they can also fulfill them right from their warehouse. For added convenience, most 3PL companies use online programs with real-time tracking so that you and your buyer can both monitor the order. 

Lastly, 3PL warehousing saves you valuable time and energy. Third-party shipping and storage firms are experts at logistics so that you do not need to be. They will be able to manage, pack, and ship with efficiency and accuracy; this is their specialty. Save yourself time, money, and worry by using the services of a third-party logistics company.


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Southern California Trucking Companies: Investing in Freight Services Best Suited for Your Company

by Administrator3. December 2014 09:33

Southern California Trucking Companies: Investing in Freight Services Best Suited for Your Company | The Dependable Companies


Your business represents one of the biggest investments that you will make in life. There can be no doubt that running a business takes countless hours of effort, and that it can be a difficult, yet rewarding, challenge. Protecting this investment means making wise choices along each step of the way. One step that you will certainly have to consider as your business grows is how you will transfer customer orders to more distant locations. Southern California trucking companies can provide the individualized services that you need to ensure that you do what is best for your business. 

The first step in securing reliable truckload freight is to focus on those services that relate to your professional needs. Trucking companies have been providing an invaluable service for decades, and Southern California trucking companies know how to do it right. Whether you are in need of refrigerated transport, different sized trailers, or multiple stops, you can find exactly what you need by looking in the golden state. 

Trucking companies in Southern California that offer a wide variety of services can expect to reach more customers, but it is not just about quantity. As a business owner, you certainly know just how valuable quality is, which makes setting high standards an important part of your selection process. Does the company stand by their services and have an avid interest in constantly improving? Are you encouraged to be involved and aware of the status of your shipments with services like real-time tracking? Is the company interested in meeting complex shipping requirements? These are the types of questions that you should be asking when you are looking for the freight company that is right for your business. 

In order to find the best freight services for your business, you must take into account your unique shipping/transport needs and compare them to the services that are available. Southern California trucking companies that are serious about their business will not only have many services available, but will make a real effort to meet your needs to the very best of their ability. With the right freight company, you can continue to protect the best interests of your business. 


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Choosing the Right Logistics Software

by Administrator3. December 2014 09:19

Choosing the Right Logistics Software | The Dependable Companies


Getting your product to your customer is not always an easy task. It is worth your time to choose the right logistics software that works for your company. The software you choose needs to provide the solutions for your product and save you and your employees time. You have many choices, so take these suggestions into account when you are making a decision for your business. 

The software you choose should have solutions for your industry. You want your products accurately inventoried and accounted for without having to make adjustments. This software needs to have flexibility to adapt to changes easily in quickly. The logistics market changes rapidly, and your program needs to make those changes with you. 

Do not focus on just price. Value is just as important as the cost of the software. Good software that costs a little more may have indirect benefits for you that cannot be accounted for in the initial investment. These indirect benefits include ease of use, the ability to be easily scalable, control of revenue leakage, and improved quality control. If it saves your employees time in data entry, this is time they can be doing other tasks. Improved productivity increases the value of a software package. 

Your logistics software should have good tech support and a good training program for your staff. You want every one of your employees to be able to utilize the full benefits of the technology. The sooner you get everyone on board, the more productive they will be. If the vendor does not have the ability to train you and your employees, it will be difficult to implement. 

Outsourcing your logistics to a third-party logistics provider (3PL) will give you more options for your software choices. By working with your 3PL and using software that brings your systems together, you will provide better customer support and always know where your product is. Choose the right software that reduces your workload and functions like you need it to. Do not settle for less than what works for you.


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Ocean Freight Shipping Companies: Expedient & Dependable Freight Services

by Administrator3. December 2014 08:58

Ocean Freight Shipping Companies: Expedient & Dependable Freight Services | The Dependable Companies


Freight services are often needed when transporting fragile material, heavy equipment, and food stock by the mass quantity. The items can be delivered by land, air, or sea, so do consider the choices you have. The last option is actually a consideration that more warehouse and manufacturing companies are considering due to its benefits. If you are looking for expedient and dependable freight services, ocean freight shipping companies can help you transport your goods from point A to point B.

Compared to air delivery, ocean freight is typically cheaper. Of course, overhead cost is an issue for every business, which is why sea freight is often a favored option. You should always get a price check for sea, air, and land delivery as the price may differ depending on the freight company and specific cargo. 

Ocean freight shipping companies should also be your first point of contact when transporting extremely heavy items, such as vehicles, machinery, or even an entire conex container full of goods. A ship often has a much higher weight capacity than a plane, so cargo transportation by sea may be your only option depending on the overall weight of your items.

Finally, ship transportation also tends to be more environmentally friendly and emits less carbon emission than aircrafts. This actually also helps your company’s image as you can disclose on your website or brochure that your business takes pride in being an eco-efficient company.

Most ocean freight shipping companies provide multiple delivery options and features. Refrigeration, for example, is available for the transportation of consumable and perishable food items. Warranty options are also available for ensuring financial coverage in the event that any of the cargo arrives damaged. Whatever cargo you need to have moved, get in touch with a freight agency that can provide timely delivery by sea. This will help you save money while remaining confident that your cargo will make it to its destination with minimal possibility of getting damaged.


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