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Importance of the Freight Forwarder in Today’s Transportation Industry

by Administrator28. July 2014 14:43

Importance of the Freight Forwarder in Today’s Transportation Industry | The Dependable Companies

Transportation of goods started out as just animals and men slowly moving products from one place to another. In today’s world, supply chains are faster and more complex, necessitating the need for a middleman. For companies that need to consistently export large shipments to different places around the world, an international freight forwarder is a must. These specialists know how to make sure that the delivery process is executed as smoothly as possible, whether the cargo travels by air or sea. As the position of the forwarder has evolved to become much more than a mere intermediary in the travel industry, they have come to provide many services required for modern day trade.

One of the most important components of a freight forwarder’s position is to book space on transportation modes.  Forwarders also do warehousing, inventory management, and distribution logistical tasks. These services are necessary for most successful firms. Outsourcing such tasks allows the firms to focus specifically at what they are best at. When the firms concentrate on specializing in products and freight forwarders focus on specializing in transportation services, both jobs become much more efficient and both parties benefit. Firms also often require the services of freight forwarders if they plan on shipping goods overseas, because they are unlikely to know the nitty-gritty details of international transportation laws and documentation, while freight forwarders have regional expertise and knowledge of international processes.

Another important job a freight forwarder fulfills is that of leveraging IT, or information technology. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is used for supply chain management software that can automate routing, scheduling, carrier selection, load planning, import, export, and consolidation. This significantly speeds up the transportation procedures.

Companies that regularly need to make large shipments require the expertise and efficiency of a freight forwarder. With the services and technological capabilities a forwarder provides, transportation can be a simple and smooth process for the firm. While the freight forwarders hassle with the dirty details, the companies can focus on doing what they do best.


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Warehousing and Distribution: Reliable Storage from Convenient and Secure Warehouses

by Administrator28. July 2014 14:30

Warehousing and Distribution: Reliable Storage from Convenient and Secure Warehouses | The Dependable Companies


Warehousing and distribution are two important aspects of the transportation process. The best warehouses are strategically located, capable of holding a wide range of products, have plenty of room for temporary and long term storage, and incorporate several security measures. Anything to make storage safe, easy, and convenient adds to the virtues of a warehousing facility. People should be able to trust that they can put their valuables in storage for however long they need without incident and companies should be able to rely on warehouses to competently handle the storage of shipments.

One of the extra features that could be included is FDA certification to ensure that food stays fresh. Sorting, barcoding, and labeling done by the warehousing and distribution center lessen the responsibilities and worries of shipping companies. It is also helpful for a warehouse to have nationwide affiliates so packages can be more efficiently transported from one location to the next. Consolidation can help reduce the size of the trucks required, which saves energy and money in the long run.

To ensure that the products placed in the hands of warehousing staff remains safe from burglary, not one, but many security steps should be taken. Real-time video surveillance and 24/7 guard service means that any risky situations can be caught and dealt with quickly. Since high value items are placed in storage, these objects should have an extra layer of protection, such as secured cages. Not all safety problems are related to thievery. To protect against possible fires, a sprinkler protection system should fully cover the storage units so flames can be put out rapidly and damage can be minimized. 

Trusting a warehousing and distribution center with valuable products can be easy when the storage facilities take the steps to protect all items from harm. Extra strides to make the transportation process easier and less stressful can help a warehouse have an upper hand when it comes to servicing anybody from entire companies to individuals.


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Transportation Management: Greener, Cheaper, & More Efficient

by Administrator28. July 2014 14:10


Freight forwarding includes several different tasks, one of them being transportation management. Unless this aspect of shipping is handled with precision, many problems can keep goods from arriving at their planned location. Freight forwarders not only work to avoid problems but also to make the transportation process, better, faster, and more efficient. Logistics, or freight management, concentrated on lowering shipping costs, but some are also aware of environmental impacts, and through green initiatives, try to minimize harmful effects. With these goals in mind, freight agents carry out specific responsibilities to make the transportation process stress-free for the shipping companies.

A lot of effort goes into reducing overall freight transport. This is achieved by lowering product volumes and getting rid of any unnecessary packaging, carrying out manufacturing, and assembly processes at locations closer to the destination markets, and using more local products. These steps lead to benefits for benefits for communities and the shippers, such as reduction of road congestion, road and parking savings, and efficient land use. Community livability is also increased because of the decrease in high noise levels. As for environmental awareness, air pollution from large trucks is significantly reduced.

Many other aspects of transportation management are carried out with similar objectives. Although some cargo must be delivered by truck, freight forwarders encourage rail and water shipping pathways because these modes of transportation use much less energy and keep more people safe from road accidents. For the times when trucks are necessary, forwarders make sure the best size of vehicle is used and that gas mileage is efficient by applying fleet management programs. Energy efficiency is another important feature of transportation planning that contributes to the green movement.

Transportation management requires complex processes to achieve goals such as efficiency, environmental safety, and lower costs. It is not just about making the journey of the cargo smooth; it is about making the route as smooth as it can possibly be for the convenience of shippers and everyday citizens.


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What to Look for in Southern California LTL Services

by Administrator23. July 2014 10:55

What to Look for in Southern California LTL Services | The Dependable Companies


If you are looking to make a less than truckload (LTL) sized shipment in Southern California area, and are wondering how to choose a third party logistics provider to ship the package, it is important to keep an eye out for several important features in a company. These three characteristics may be deal-breakers when you ultimately select a Southern California LTL company, and are surely highly recommendable in any case.

First of all, the LTL company you choose should have online package tracking available. With the shipment information easily accessible on the internet, a freight company is held more accountable to the customer, who can frequently track the progress of a delivery. Moreover, online access to estimated delivery times and status updates is quite convenient for the consumer; it allows him or her to track a package every step of the way, and to anticipate its delivery date.

Next, make sure the company is well-equipped to manage your shipment. This may seem a simple or obvious step, but it is nonetheless crucial. Depending on the contents, weight, or value of your package, you may require different levels of special handling.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, select a Southern California LTL company that you can trust. The best way to assess the dependability, customer service, and overall work ethic of a company is to get to know the company's reputation. A company that is reliable, friendly, and willing to work one on one with each customer to provide for their individual LTL shipping needs is one that will have a strong, positive reputation among current clients. Look for any reviews of the company to gauge customer satisfaction.

A company's offered services and reputation are key sources to potential future customers, so do not let this information go to waste. Do your research on each company that you consider hiring to transport your shipment. This effort will not be in vain; it will ensure that you select the best Southern California LTL company for your freight needs.


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Ocean Shipping Companies: Modern Day Transport

by Administrator23. July 2014 10:09

Ocean Shipping Companies: Modern Day Transport | The Dependable Companies

When it comes to shipping overseas, using ocean freight is still an efficient and valid method. Ocean shipping companies adopt modern technology and modern values to change with the times and remain the one of the most used methods for moving product across the globe. There are multiple ways ocean freight has evolved in the modern world, and these changes improve efficiency and customer service.

Ocean freight has always been an efficient way to ship goods. Ships can carry much more product than a plane, and therefore more companies share the costs of fuel. Recently, however, industry standards have increased fuel efficiency even more. Most companies implement a speed cap that is determined by a balance of the most fuel efficiency and swiftness. These speed caps reduce costs, but also indicate a recent environmental consciousness in the shipping industry.

Modern technology has greatly improved the process of shipping overseas. Ocean shipping companies can guarantee safe arrival of products with modern communication and tracking technologies. The industry is able to stay more connected than ever before to ensure that items make the long journey across international waters. Shipping companies are also using the Internet to provide vital information to clients.

One unique aspect of the shipping industry is that despite the implementation of new technology, personalized customer service remains a top priority. Large shipping companies have streamlined management that ensures quick decision making and fast processes. However, this also means that a person, and not a computer, is in charge of the accounts. These individuals can help out at any point in the shipping process, including customs, tracking, and customizing based on the client’s needs.

Ocean shipping companies are using modern technology and modern values to improve their methods. These improvements mean savings, better customer service, and consistency within the industry. Although times are quickly changing, shipping companies have held onto the personal touch. This leads to a unique blend of the best technologies and human touch that results in great service in an industry steeped with traditional knowledge.

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The Synergy of Dedicated Trucking

by Administrator18. July 2014 15:03

The Synergy of Dedicated Trucking | The Dependable Companies

The movement of goods is an aspect of business that generally occurs behind the scenes. Although transportation is not the first thing a business is praised for, every successful business operates a smooth supply chain. Operating a dedicated trucking route, as opposed to sporadic shipments, creates ease and fluidity in a transport system. There are countless benefits to a consistent schedule and driver for the delivery of product.

Only one or two drivers usually drive on a dedicated route. This means business operators and drivers can build positive relationships. Plus, the drivers’ jobs depend on the success of the businesses to which they deliver, so they will be invested in productivity. This mutually beneficial relationship could encourage the drivers to make deliveries in a timely manner, unload carefully, and help in any way they can.

Another benefit is that once a dedicated trucking route is set up, managing it becomes simple. Precious time will not be wasted on planning and scheduling a new delivery each week. Instead, the delivery schedule will be consistent and repeatable. This dependability will help while scheduling and ordering product. Customers will regularly have access to the most in-demand goods and management will be able to focus on things like customer service, employee training, and efficiency.

Finally, consistent routes, schedules, and drivers create a smaller margin for error. Product will arrive on time and be unloaded in a way that works well for stocking and storing. Drivers that know the roads can operate the vehicles more safely than drivers using new roads every day. The safety and happiness of people in a business can positively impact business operations.

If a business requires goods to be shipped long distances or needs product consistently, using a dedicated trucking route is a great solution. Drivers prefer dedicated routes because they have consistent schedules. Managers will find supply chain fairly simple with a repeatable routine that a dedicated route provides, and therefore will be able to focus their energy elsewhere. Overall, using a dedicated route for supply chain management is a synergistic solution.

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The Benefits of LTL Carriers

by Administrator18. July 2014 14:59

The Benefits of LTL Carriers | The Dependable Companies


Most people do not ever need to fill an entire semi truck trailer with product. Many trailers carry multiple clients’ shipments simultaneously in order to decrease the number of trips and share fuel among multiple clients. This is called less-than truckload (LTL) shipping because the amount of product you need moved is less than one truckload. Most shipping companies provide an LTL carrier service that is easy to use and a good option for shipping.

The main benefit of LTL services is the ability to easily ship even small amounts of product across the country. Instead of waiting until a shipment is large enough to be cost effective, multiple clients can quickly ship goods on the same route. The best part is that the shipping company will coordinate everything. Shipping is as easy as ordering online.

Another benefit of using an LTL carrier is peace of mind. Once goods have been shipped, modern technology makes it easy to keep track of them. Shipping companies can track items from start to finish and allow clients to see the progress online. This way shipping companies can ensure on time delivery, which is vital in the fast paced consumer market of today. Some even offer next day services for local shipments with LTL services.

Besides efficiency and convenience, another benefit of LTL shipping is safety. An experienced shipping company has strong safety measures in place to protect their drivers as well as their clients’ shipments. Trusting the experts with goods is generally a smart decision.

These experts also know the best way to get product from point A to point B. Shipping companies will give their font-line employees the power to customize orders in ways that benefit the client. If cost is a priority, they will find the most efficient way to go. If speed is most important, the employees know the best way to speed up a delivery while maintaining safety measures. When it comes to shipping product, LTL carrier services are a great solution.

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Value-Added, Precisely Tailored Supply Chain Solutions

by Administrator18. July 2014 14:34

Value-Added, Precisely Tailored Supply Chain Solutions | The Dependable CompaniesWhen choosing a third party logistics provider, it is important to make sure a given company can provide supply chain solutions that cover every need your business may have. Here are three examples of services to look for in a third party logistics provider. Choose a company with experience and a superb reputation in FTL, LTL, and warehousing alike.

LTL and FTL Freight Services

Depending on your business cycle, you may at one point require large shipments, and at other points smaller shipments. Less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) freight services are both best left to providers with the equipment necessary to match your particular shipping needs. Some goods will require special handling, while some will call for refrigeration or other services. No matter what size of shipment, make sure your specifications are met for the swift and successful delivery of your goods.


An ideal supply chain solutions provider will offer quality warehousing in addition to LTL and FTL freight services. Whether you need to store a large amount of goods or a small amount, long-term or short-term, there are supply chain solutions companies that can help. Features to look for in a warehousing provider include flexibility to your business schedule and security measures. In terms of flexibility, it can make a big difference to your business to be able to store seasonal and overflow goods when needed to match your business cycles. When it comes to security, a warehouse should have around the clock guards and surveillance, in addition to fire safety measures, to ensure that your goods are always protected.

Choose a Company That Delivers All Three

There are many companies offering supply chain solutions, but not all can provide quality service for LTL, FTL, and warehousing alike. Be sure to do your research when selecting a third party logistics provider, in order to guarantee that the company you choose is indeed well equipped to offer all the services you need. It is vitally important to know that your goods are in good hands, whether they are being shipped or stored.

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The Dependable Companies Listed in Top 100 For-Hire Carriers for 2014

by Administrator17. July 2014 11:56

The Dependable Companies Awarded Top 100 For-Hire Carriers List in 2014


I am very pleased to advise all of you that the Transport Topics has announced today, the Top 100 For-Hire Carriers for 2014 (based on combined revenues of all 5 entities).  And further, that The Dependable Companies has made the list for the first time at #87.  This is certainly an achievement we should all be proud of.  I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your contribution in the achievement of this award.

To view the rankings list, click here >>
The Top 100 2014 For-Hire Carriers >>

Ron Massman
President / CEO

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Ocean Freight Shipping Companies Accommodate Any Type of Cargo

by Administrator14. July 2014 13:20

Ocean Freight Shipping Companies Accommodate Any Type of Cargo | The Dependable Companies

In today’s busy world, ocean freight shipping companies are stepping up and offering one of the most secure and cost-effective ways to transport freight to domestic and international harbors. Over the past couple of centuries, ocean freight shipping has grown into a vastly diverse business with many different types of ships available to accommodate any class of cargo.

Carrying tons of supplies, general cargo and millions of people between continents, ships have proven to be one of most reliable methods of transportation. Despite many advances in transportation, transporting large amounts of heavy freight is still preferentially done by sea due to its cost effectiveness and carrying capacity.

Cargo ships or freighters can be divided into five major categories: general cargo, tankers, dry bulk carriers, multi-purpose vessels, and refrigerated ships.

  • General cargo ships tend to carry packaged commercial items such as: clothing, chemicals, food, furniture, and other household goods.
  • Tanker ships are specifically designed to transport liquid cargo such as petroleum products.
  • Dry bulk carrier ships are built with large bays, which are used to carry grain, coal, and other similar loose products.
  • Multi-purpose cargo ships are the most versatile with the type of freight it can carry. They can accommodate different classes of freight such as liquid and general cargo at the same time.
  • The refrigerated freighters are the newest addition to the ocean freight fleet. They are reserved to be used for transportation of perishable items such as: meat, fish, and dairy products.

Ocean freight shipping companies utilize all of these categories of ships to deliver specific and general freight to its destination. They can expertly move tons of cargo as less-than container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL) to practically any accessible domestic or international port. With numerous advances in technology ocean freight companies have integrated several key features into their shipping. To give their customers a piece of mind, they provide wireless tracking for their cargo, thorough explanation of all the charges, and twenty-four-seven customer service to answer any possible questions or concerns.

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