| What The Future Holds For Transportation Management Systems

What The Future Holds For Transportation Management Systems

by Administrator7. September 2012 15:20

 Transportation Management Systems have come a long way since their inception. While the earliest programs streamlined the route planning, delivery estimation, and budgeting process, new innovations are taking transportation management systems, or TMS, to a new level. So, what does the future hold for TMS?


• Globalization. While current Transportation Management Systems focus almost exclusively on their primary market, European and North American companies, our increasingly globalized world calls for thinking outside these borders. Many TMS software producers are now working on developing global Transportation Management Systems to support companies with international interests.


• Other Means of Transportation. Until now, many TMS programs have focused exclusively on the needs associated with truck transport. However, other means of transportation are gaining popularity and will soon complement trucking. These additional means of transportation include air, maritime, and rail transport, as well as a combination of different means of transportation.


• User Friendly TMS. While TMS with all the bells and whistles may be just what a large shipping conglomerate needs, many small businesses can't afford and, in fact, don't need such cumbersome programs. To meet this need, some TMS companies are working on a more personalized method of delivery by taking advantage of the popularity and widespread use of apps. Bringing TMS to individuals and small businesses is an important step that will help facilitate shipping at all levels.


• New technology. Shipping and transportation require up-to-date status reports. Taking advantage of existing social media, or developing new approaches to alerting those involved in these processes is another important new direction for TMS. In addition, new technology like speech recognition software can be integrated into TMS to streamline the process of inputting or retrieving information.


These are just some of the ways TMS continues to evolve to meet new challenges. The future looks bright for TMS!



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