| Importance Of Good Customer Service

Importance Of Good Customer Service

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Have you received good customer service at any point in the last month? How about poor customer service? How did both experiences make you feel? If you're like most people, you probably will not go back to the business you were not treated well. It's common sense and yet many companies do not realize the Importance of Good Customer Service.

What is Good Customer Service?

Let's begin with the basics, customer service is providing service to a customer before they purchase, during the transaction, and after the final purchase. That is the basic definition, but what about the 'Good' part of the equation? Think about a car salesperson. If he or she met you as you walked in and was clearly in a bad mood, how likely are you to buy a vehicle that day?

Customer service is being helpful and offering provisions, but good customer service takes it a step further by offering friendliness, taking a real interest, and showing empathy. A customer feels satisfied when they leave and believe they were helped, appreciated, and valued.

Customers remember where they had good and bad experiences. Even if it was 20 years ago, if you had bad customer service experience, you probably have a poor opinion of the company in general.

By providing the best customer experience possible, your company is setting the ground for growth. People remember and they will be a walking marketing tool for you to attract more customers. Unfortunately, if a customer has a bad experience they tend to tell more people and this will cripple your growth.


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