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What Is Container Drayage

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Container drayage is a shipping term that refers to the transport of containers over a short distance. Usually such a move is performed in a single work shift and involves moving the container by truck between a sea port, railway terminal, border point, inland port or an intermodal terminal with the pickup and delivery occurring within the same local area.

In order to deliver a container to an end-user's final location, the mode by which it is transported may have to change in the course of transport: for example, from a ship at port to a railway line and then to the customer's delivery site. In this case the container may need to be moved by truck from the ship's port to a railway depot and then once again by truck to the to the customer's desired delivery location.

Drayage has become more important in recent years because of the increased movement of goods between different countries, as a result of increased imperatives for global trade, that have increased the import and export of goods via container shipment. Whilst drayage is only a small part of the overall shipping process of a container through the supply chain, the costs associated with it and potential for mishandling can be high.

With environmental concerns about pollution and the increase of large trucks using urban roadways (as well as the cost of fuel) there have been moves to provide intermodal terminals that eliminate or minimize the requirement for container drayage as much as possible so that it only occurs to deliver the container to the end-user's location.

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