| How Hiring A Dedicated Fleet Can Help A Business

How Hiring A Dedicated Fleet Can Help A Business

by Administrator25. June 2013 15:01


Typically hiring a dedicated fleet is a cost saving measure for a business. On top of this, it can help to achieve better performance with arrival times. Having a fleet under your control allows your company to do things the way they prefer with transportation.

The biggest concern with a dedicated fleet is in flow. There is a wildly important concept which must be in place for transportation services dedicated to your business to be cost efficient. There needs to be consistent demand and have inbound and outbound freight flows. This allows for greater back haul opportunities on longer deliveries.

With local deliveries, this is less of an issue. However, to make a local freight fleet cost efficient, there needs to be many more deliveries than in regional or longer-haul deliveries. Frequency is a big factor in determining the cost-effectiveness of a fleet.

If you hire a fleet, you also need consistent freight flow. If your demand fluctuates too wildly throughout the year, it can be almost impossible to create an effective fleet that is cost efficient. Either you end up understaffed at high volume times or overstaffed at low volume times. Neither of these is desirable, and if it is a concern, then just hire it out.

Despite any concerns though, having a personal fleet dedicated to transporting products can save a lot of money in the long run, and allow for significantly greater control of how the line operates. You can be assured that the transportation will always meet your needs, because they are yours.

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