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Tips & Tricks for Choosing Warehouse Space

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Many business owners see warehouse space as just a place to store their merchandise. However, a storage facility will be home to your merchandise until it reaches your store shelves. Instead of seeing the location as simply a storage facility, here are a few questions you should ask before choosing a home for your merchandise. The answers to these questions will determine what you should look for in a storage facility.

First, you should consider how much space you need. If you will you be storing large boxes, you will need to make sure the storage facility has enough room for a forklift and pallets. You will also need to make sure there is enough shelf space to hold your inventory. You should ask the logistics provider if you can move to a larger or smaller space if the size of your business changes.

Next, you should consider the storage environment. You should ensure the storage environment is climate controlled. The building will need air conditioning. If the building does not have air conditioning, humidity can damage your inventory. The building should also have vents to clear the air of dust from products and boxes. Also if the building is too hot, it can be a safety hazard for employees.

You should also consider utilities. You should ask yourself if you will use a portion of the storage facility for office space. If you will use the storage facility as an office, you should inquire about restrooms, utilities and temperature control. You will also need to ask the logistics provider about short and long-term leasing options.  

Lastly, you should ask the owner if the business meets all safety codes. You should also inquire about the safety of the neighborhood. You should ask the owner if there is anything that will prevent trucks from unloading packages quickly.

When you rent warehouse space, you free up office space. You make your workplace less cluttered. Your employees will be more productive.  Taking the time to consider these questions will help you find an ideal location at a reasonable price.  The company will appear larger and customers will be more ready to patronize the company.


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